Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, why do we do the things we do? This question has taxed people for thousands of years and we are still only a little way towards fully understanding human behaviour. Students undertaking psychology will learn to appreciate that human behaviour is a complex and fascinating topic to study. Many students have gone onto study it at higher education. By studying psychology, students will learn a variety of different skills. They will learn how to think critically, evaluate evidence presented to them and use this information to inform them throughout their studies and life. They may even get to understand why they do the things they do……..well maybe. 

Teacher: Mr Cannar

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British Psychological Society -

The awarding body for psychology is Eduqas. The course specification and other useful information can be found here:

The course is split up into three components:

Component 1 - Psychology past and present:  this looks at five approaches in psychology: Biological, Psychodynamic, Behaviourist, Cognitive and the Positive approach. Each approach gives a unique perspective of our behaviour. For example, the behaviourist approach highlights that all our behaviour is learned via our environment and social interactions, whereas the biological approach takes a different viewpoint.

Component 2 - Investigating behaviour:  this looks at how psychologists conduct their research, what scientific methods they use and how they ensure that their research is both reliable and valid.

Component 3 - (undertaken in Year 13) Implications in the real world: building on from Year 12 the students put into practice the knowledge they have learned to date and transfer it to real world situations. The following is covered during Year 13; Addictive behaviours, criminal behaviours and schizophrenia. Students will also look at the major controversies in psychology, such as sexism  and whether psychology is actually a science or not.

In Year 12 students undertake Components 1 and 2. In Year 13 they undertake Component 3.  At the end of the two years the students will sit exams for each component. These are all 2hrs and 15 minutes in length. 


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